Mister Santa Monica Movie

The feature length documentary movie about Nat Trives “Mister Santa Monica” nears completion. The film expands on the award winning short film “Mr. Santa Monica” about Nathaniel Trives, the first African American mayor of Santa Monica, California.

The feature length documentary is about all the lives that his work has had a positive impact. This documentary weaves the story of Nat Trives with that of Santa Monica. How he has influence the city and how it has grown and changed along with Mr. Trives. The story is told by those that Nat has touched in his over eighty years, city officials, non-profit directors, residents, and students. The visual style is that of a PBS documentary with dramatized scenes of Nat’s past, inter-cut with archival footage and photographs underscored by upbeat music.

Learn more about Nat Trives at his website MrSantaMonica.com

We welcome you to watch the award winning short film “Mr. Santa Monica” about Nat Trives. Closed Captions available in English and Japanese.

Read an article about Nat Trives and his family.

Watch our new promotional video about the Mister Santa Monica movie.


Mister Santa Monica movie team

Pictured above – [L to R] DC, Laffrey, Quentin, Mark, Gena Yuvette Davis (joins us for lunch to give us public speaking pointers), Will (photo by Howard Johnson)

Mark Lawson Shepard – Director/Producer [IMDB]
D.C. Rahe – Writer/Producer [IMDB]
Will Ryan – Creative Director/Producer [IMDB]
Gena Y. Davis – Communications Director/Co-Producer [Website]
Fabian Lewkowicz – Aerial DP/Co-Producer [Website]
Laffrey Witbrod – Director of Photography [IMDB]
Peter Radd – Music Composer [AllMusic]
Daniele Dupree – Editor/Co-Producer [IMDB]
Aniko Doman – Graphic Designer [Website]

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Pictured Above [L to R] Nat Trives, Dana Luria, Rob Hampton